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 Poroshenko still owns assets besides Roshen, but he says nothing about them, - media. LIST

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko is still the ultimate beneficiary of an extensive list of companies (besides Roshen), but he says nothing about his intentions to sell them or transfer the management to the so-called blind trust.

Yuliia Samaieva writes in an article for ZN.UA, Censor.NET reports.

"The materials of the International Consortium for Investigative Journalism, the clarifications of the president's lawyers, and the statement of the Rothschilds include the phrase "confectionary business." And what will happen to the agricultural business, media business, industrial facilities, and large-scale construction projects? Agricultural enterprises of the president, for example, are not smaller then the confectionery ones, but will they be included in the trust?" the article reads.

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Samaieva writes that a blind trust is a trust in which the management company is not able to cancel it without permission, and the beneficiary (in this case, Poroshenko) has no right to obtain information about his assets and business condition from the manager or any person associated with the trust. "The trust deed cannot be broken until Petro Poroshenko remains the President of Ukraine. However, it may be broken, and probably will be, after the end of his term," Samaieva writes.

"At the same time, everyone understands that the trust is not the same as sale of the assets. Nominally, the assets are managed by a third party, but the president will certainly do not forget that these are still his assets. Accordingly, the reasons for which the president wanted to get rid of them will still be there. After all, it was about avoiding the conflict of interests first of all. But if the business is owned by the president, even through a trust, this does not diminish his desire to strengthen the assets using his presidential possibilities to return to the management of the business, which would have grown over the time, after the presidential term. We do not seriously expect that the president manually controls the confectionery factories, glassworks, an insurance company and a sports club, do we? The managers do it for him, and they will stay in places after the management functions are transferred to the trust, as well as the real owner of the companies will. They will also keep direct contact with the ultimate beneficiary, who is not somewhere else, but here in Ukraine," the article reads.

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