Good news regarding Savchenko might come within few days, - lawyer Novikov

The talks between Kyiv and Moscow are moving in the right direction. Savchenko will not be transported in the coming days.

Lawyer Ilya Novikov is expecting good news about the fate of his client, Ukrainian pilot Nadiia Savchenko, who was sentenced to 22 years in prison in the Russian Federation. He said live on Chorne Dzerkalo (Black Mirror) TV show on Inter TV channel, Censor.NET reports citing Interfax Ukraine.

"I have a piece of information which I cannot disclose. But it comes down to the fact that good news may come in one of the next few days. We hope it will be sooner rather than later," Novikov said.

According to Novikov's information, Savchenko will not be transported in the coming days. "Negotiations between Moscow and Kyiv are still underway. I have to be careful, but I can say that they are likely to move in the right direction, albeit more slowly than we would like. Next week we are waiting for some fundamental news. I think that everyone understands, Russia in particular, that an attempt to convoy Nadiia in the current situation and her present condition would mean an attempt to disrupt such negotiations. I think nobody wants it," Novikov said.

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Novikov reminded that Savchenko went on a hunger strike three days ago. She already shows signs of dehydration. "Her skin is too dry, while her mucous membranes, gums, and tongue are starting to turn white," the lawyer said.

Novikov added that "the head of the colony warned her that she will be force-fed soon." According to Novikov, his client intends to prevent force-feeding. "She has her own plans. She said, she could prevent it," he said.

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