Yes vote in Dutch referendum won't let Putin fulfill his wish for corrupt and anti-European Ukraine, - Economist

No vote in the referendum on the Ukraine-EU association agreement might cause a tragedy.

Censor.NET reports citing The Economist.

"Ever since Maidan, Russia has been trying to reassert control by spreading chaos on Ukraine's border. The Dutch learned better than any other country what such chaos can mean, when scores of their countrymen were killed in 2014, in the downing of flight MH-17. When Ukrainians turned towards Europe, their dream was for their country to escape the pit of corruption and chaos. They are still struggling to climb out. Dutch voters should not step on their fingers," the article reads.

Yes vote in the referendum won't let Putin to fulfill his wish for corrupt and anti-European Ukraine.

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The first threat to the agreement dated back to November 2013 when Viktor Yanukovych, now the former president of Ukraine, succumbed to Russian pressure and renounced an association agreement with the EU that he and his predecessors had spent six years negotiating.

"Many Ukrainians thought their country's best hope for transforming itself from a corrupt gangster state into an orderly democracy (or, as they put it, a "normal country") had been sacrificed on the orders of Vladimir Putin, Russia's president. Thousands set up camp on Kiev's Maidan, chanting "Ukraine is Europe".

"Mr Putin then sent troops into Ukraine to win back Russian influence by stealth and force. He succeeded in seizing Crimea, splitting off a few rebel areas and embittering Ukrainians' once-warm feelings towards Russia," the article reads.

The Netherlands appears to be the only one of the EU's 28 members that has not ratified the Ukraine-EU association agreement.

"If Ukraine really is to become normal, it needs Europe to meet it part-way. For that to happen, the Dutch need to vote Yes," the Economist summarized.

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