Poroshenko should immediately reinstate Sakvarelidze and begin broad public discussion on next prosecutor general, - NYT

During Petro Poroshenko's visit to the United States, one of the country's major news outlets, The New York Times, has sharply criticized lack of fight against corruption in Ukraine.

Censor.NET reports citing the article 'Ukraine's Unyielding Corruption' published by The New York Times.

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The article reads: "The Ukrainian Parliament finally voted to oust Ukraine's odious prosecutor general, Viktor Shokin, on Tuesday. The United States and European countries that have provided aid to Ukraine had long pressed for his dismissal; in his year in office, Mr. Shokin became a symbol of Ukraine's deeply ingrained culture of corruption, failing to prosecute a single member of the deposed Yanukovych regime or of the current government while blocking the efforts of reform-minded deputies. Alas, nothing is likely to change unless President Petro Poroshenko and Parliament agree to install some real corruption fighters and approve serious judicial reform.

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"Mr. Poroshenko, himself a product of the old system, has had his hands full with the Moscow-backed separatists in the east and unceasing political turmoil in Kiev, where Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk's government is hanging by a thread.

"In these circumstances, Mr. Poroshenko seems to have accepted continuing corruption as the price to pay for a modicum of maneuvering room. But the president, the prime minister and the Parliament must be made to understand that the International Monetary Fund and donor nations, including the United States, cannot continue to shovel money into a corrupt swamp unless the government starts shaping the democratic rule that Ukrainians demanded in their protests.

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"Mr. Poroshenko cannot simply allow one of Mr. Shokin's cronies to slide into the ousted official's tainted seat. He should immediately reinstate Mr. Sakvarelidze and begin a broad public discussion on the choice for the next prosecutor general, making clear that his mandate will be a thorough reform, and that the government will be fully behind it."

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