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 Detectives and anti-corruption prosecutors know where shooter judge Buran is, - NABU

The National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) knows where Odesa judge Oleksii Buran is, but cannot disclose the information.

Censor.NET informs citing NABU's press office on Facebook.

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"We have been receiving many calls since morning that prove or disprove information on the escape of Odesa shooting judge from the hospital. We are not able to disclose the information on the judge's location, but we can inform that NABU detectives and Anti-corruption prosecutors are well aware where he is and and conducting procedural activities with him at the moment," the message reads.

The Bureau reminded that article 49 of the law of Ukraine "On Judicial system and status of judges" stipulates that apprehension of a judge or choosing a pre-trial restriction for him/her in form of detention or house arrest before a guilty verdict could only be conducted upon approval of the Verkhovna Rada.

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