Sakvarelidze: I was summoned for questioning in case of $2 million "disappearance"

Former Deputy Prosecutor General, ex-Prosecutor of the Odesa region Davit Sakvarelidze says the Prosecutor General's Office has summoned him for questioning in the case of $2 million "disappearance."

Censor.NET reports referring to his Facebook page.

Sakvarelidze says he received no official notification from the PGO - just a call from senior investigator Dmytro Sus.

"I've just had a phone talk with deputy head of the PGO's newly established department dealing with sheer frame-ups, including against my team, "dear" Mr Sus. He invited me to visit him on Friday for questioning in the case of "disappearance" of $2 million. This is the very same Sus who several days ago, threatening with bringing suspicions and having a warrant to conduct searches, blackmailed General Inspectorate employees and urged them to "cooperate" by giving false testimony which was to be used later at a briefing in order to discredit me and our team," he wrote.

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According to Sakvarelidze, he offered the PGO representative to send him an official notification containing the information about proceedings, date and time of interrogation.

"I will come for questioning any day of the week and help the investigation, and clearly explain how international technical assistance works when there is confidence in country's state institutions. Unfortunately, for as long as PGO's ideology smacks of Shokin and the like, the lawlessness will not end. I have no doubt that Sus recorded our conversation where I made it clear to him that instead of doing a real work, he was in fact committing a criminal offense, blackmailing and terrorizing the idealists involved in the "diamond prosecutors" case.

"In response Sus said he was just doing his job. And this is the tragedy of the existing "prosecutorial ethics" which I dared to violate as you know... I hope that all these illegal actions will not stay unanswered. In order to help Ukraine maximally seamlessly get through this rather scandalous situation involving possible questioning of foreign states' ambassadors by such people as Mr Sus, I'm definitely ready to provide any necessary clarification on the work of donors. By the way, I'll also demand that my interrogation be recorded on video," Sakvarelidze stated.

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