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 "Corrupt officials trying to return parliament to obvious political slavery," Firsov’s final speech in parliament

Unseated MP Yehor Firsov delivered speech in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine at the morning plenary session.

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"What has actually happened? If you think that several MPs were intimidated and unseated and that's it, then you are sadly mistaken. In fact, the corrupt officials are trying to return parliament to obvious political slavery," he said.

"The corrupt officials need a puppet parliament and puppet lawmakers in order to continue corrupt practices. The decision taken by four dozen participants of Petro Poroshenko Bloc party congress, who hide their faces from the media and take some decisions, is absolutely absurd. Just as the decision of members of the Central Election Committee (CEC), whose powers expired in 2014," Firsov said.

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"I fought uncompromisingly against those "Kononenkos", "Berezenkos" and "Hranovskyis", therefore this is also a big political revenge taken against me. I am sure that a lapse from the principles of democracy and parliamentarism today is a lapse from the policy of European integration since serfdom has long gone from Europe while there are attempts to introduce it in the parliament," the ex-MP added.

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"This story has revealed another deep political problem: there are no true political parties in our political system. A dozen political gangs have been created instead. Their sole purpose is to gain power, plunder the country, achieve advantages for business under their control, and dominate over the law enforcement agencies and cash flows. I am confident that true political parties protecting the interests of the people will definitely appear in the Ukrainian parliament. This will definitely take place while Ukraine will never be a European state without it. And our citizens have long understood that the current regime is pulling the country in the direction opposite to the European one. Therefore, it's just the beginning of the struggle for Ukraine. We will be back," Firsov summarized.

Earlier, March 25, Petro Poroshenko Bloc party congress unseated MPs Tomenko and Firsov, who got into the parliament as members of this party but later withdrew from its faction in the parliament.

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