First time since its independence Ukraine will be part of conversation during presidential transition in U.S., - Ambassador Pyatt

If Ukraine achieves dramatic progress in the war against corruption, in moving towards European values and standards, the Ukraine-U.S. relationship may reach a fundamentally different level.

U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt remarked at the Institute of World Policy Debate on U.S.-Ukraine Relations, Censor.NET reports quoting U.S. Embassy in Kyiv press office.

According to Pyatt, the issue of the Ukraine-U.S. relationship is already part of a "little debate in the United States right now in conjunction with our presidential elections and there will be a lot more between now and January, as our own think tanks begin to generate recommendations for the next president, whoever she or he is, and policy options."

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"One thing that is very clear is that Ukraine will be part of that conversation, probably the first time since independence, when there will be an active debate about what to do with our Ukraine relationship in conjunction with a presidential transition in the United States," Pyatt said.

According to him, if the Revolution of Dignity can consolidate itself, if President Poroshenko can achieve what he says he seeks in terms of dramatic progress in the war against corruption, dramatic progress in moving Ukraine towards European values, European standards of governance, "it has the prospect of really putting our relationship on a fundamentally different plane," U.S. ambassador remarked.
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