Kasko calls seizure of his apartment legal lynching and Shokin’s personal revenge

Former Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine Vitalii Kasko said Prosecutor General of Ukraine Viktor Shokin personally initiated and has been supervising the criminal proceedings against him, while Kasko called attachment of his apartment "a desire to take revenge by lynching him legally".

Censor.NET reports citing Ukrainska Pravda.

"Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin, whom I publicly accused of covering corrupt practices and stonewalling prosecuting authorities' reform, has personally initiated and started supervising the criminal proceedings against me. I learned about the attachment imposed on my apartment by Pechersk district court Judge Tsokol from reports in the media yesterday, March 28. Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin has personally filed a petition on seizure, although no provision of the Criminal Procedure Code requires this," Kasko said.

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According to him, Shokin, on his own initiative, decided to take part in "legal lynching". Kasko also stressed that according to the petition, the attachment was imposed on his flat with its further confiscation, which was illegal. Moreover, no one had ever served him a notice of suspicion and referred an indictment against him to court.

According to Kasko, he was provided this apartment in 2008 according to the order of the Prosecutor General's Office. He privatized it in 2014 and submitted this data in income declaration of the relevant year.

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"In 2015, I successfully passed screening, which also included check of property acquisition legality. The certificate on the result of this check was signed by Shokin personally. However, eight years after this apartment was provided by PGO and less than a year as I have passed the screening, the prosecutor general challenges the result of the check and the adequacy of their own conclusions," he said.

Former deputy prosecutor general said: "This once again confirms the personal interest - the desire for revenge and legal lynching, which the prosecutor general followed initiating criminal proceedings against me, Davit Sakvarelidze and our colleagues. As far as I know, Shokin has filed five criminal cases against me as of today."

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Former deputy prosecutor general said that, according to his sources, Viktor Shokin obtained warrants to conduct searches and wiretap apartments owned by him and his relatives - to spy after them, "which they have successfully been involved in previously without any warrants." Kasko stressed that he would appeal against the "illegal attachment" of his apartment as well as prove "the illegality of all criminal proceedings initiated against him".

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