Rada agreed to dismiss Shokin as prosecutor general

The Verkhovna Rada has endorsed the draft Resolution No. 4122 on granting consent to the dismissal by the president of Ukraine of Viktor Shokin from the post of prosecutor general of Ukraine.

This decision was supported by 289 deputies, Censor.NET reports.

Before voting for Shokin's resignation Samopomich MP Yehor Soboliev addressed the deputies, saying that his faction would unanimously support the resignation of the current prosecutor general. He also urged the fellow MPs to do the same.

"He has failed to investigate a single case concerning the murders and terror against Euromaidan, he failed to investigate a single case of corruption both before and after Euromaidan. In fact, he was appointed to this end - to cover up top-rank corruption and hide the Euromaidan cases. The case of "diamond prosecutors", which came as a chance to change the PGO, a chance to break this mutual cover-up in the law enforcement, is not just messed up. Today, Shokin dismissed the last person who fought for this case with the PGO - Davit Sakvarelidze," Soboliev said.

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He also encouraged the deputies to stop "reproducing errors" and appoint the next prosecutor general solely through an independent contest, so that it is an independent person and not just another friend of the president, who will cover up corruption.

People's Front MP Leonid Yemets, speaking before the parliament, said that his faction would also support Shokin's resignation as prosecutor general.
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