Passengers of hijacked Egyptian plane released, except for four foreign citizens and crew, - Egypt Air. PHOTOS

Most of the passengers of hijacked EgyptAir plane have been released.

It was reported that the hijacker has released all passengers of Egyptian nationality, Censor.NET informs citing The Guardian.

According to the medium, women and children were released first.

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Reuters' Iraqi reporter Stephen Kalin wrote in his Twitter that Egyptian passengers have been freed. According to the reporter, 10 US citizens and eight Britons were on board.

It is possible that the hijacker of the plane is not alone, AP reports.

Later, the EgyptAir wrote in its Twitter that all passengers, except for four foreign citizens, have been freed. The crew of the plane remains on board as well.

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The released passengers were let out of the plane, boarded on buses and taken to the airport's terminal.

According to media, the Larnaka airport has now been closed. Counterterrorist forces have been drawn to the location. The situation now looks like a hostage siege.

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Images by Reuters

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