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 People's Front offers Finance Minister Jaresko post of first vice prime minister in Yatseniuk's government, - Interior Minister Avakov

People's Front party has offered Finance Minister Natalie Jaresko to take another position in Arsenii Yatseniuk's government - that of the first vice prime minister.

As reported by Censor.NET, this was announced by the party's representative, Interior Minister Arsen Avakov in an interview to Espreso.TV.

"If we are talking about Yatseniuk's government, about this government's reshuffle, which has been announced by Yatseniuk many times (and we are tired of talking about it), we see some good, clear positions for us. They include offering [candidacy of] Finance Minister Natalie Jaresko as first vice prime minister," he said.

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"Natalie Jaresko is our government colleague. We have discussed it with her. There has been a broad public discussion of her public positions, and we have discussed with her that she could have taken charge of the economic reforms bloc, the bloc of financial operations, including part of the Finance Ministry, of the planned financial efforts, the budget, tax, and other components. It would be very harmonious," the official said.

"We have offered to replace several ministers of the current government, including the energy minister, and filling positions of the ecology minister and healthcare minister," the head of the Interior Ministry noted.

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