Prosecutor general's resignation should be voted on Tuesday, - MP Lutsenko

President Petro Poroshenko is ready to offer a new candidate for the post of prosecutor general as soon as the resignation of the current PGO chief is voted.

As reported by Censor.NET referring to PPB press service, Poroshenko Bloc faction leader Yurii Lutsenko announced this on air of Inter news show "Podrobytsi Tyzhnia."

"Following a proposal by the president of Ukraine, the prosecutor general, having lost the public support, tendered a letter of resignation. Mr. Shokin did a lot for the prosecutor's office, launched its reform. But this ossified system can not be changed from the inside," he said.

Lutsenko noted that "reforming this semi-gangster structure can hardly be done by anybody who worked as a prosecutor."

"I think it should be a person from the outside, who has a personal and political courage to break this interconnected system of mutual cover-up," Lutsenko said.

According to the politician, Shokin is one of those who made principled steps, however, not sufficient to make people feel significant changes.

"He tendered resignation, and this resignation should be voted on Tuesday. The president will be ready to offer a new candidate for the post of prosecutor general immediately after the issue is settled," Lutsenko said.

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He also noted that rallying outside the Prosecutor Generals's Office indicates only one thing - chaos in the country.

"Setting up a general inspectorate, which Mr. Sakvarelidze insists upon, can not be the subject of a rally as it is the subject of law. And all MPs who support the deputy prosecutor general [Sakvarelidze - ed.], long ago had to introduce a draft law stipulating the establishment of a general inspectorate within the PGO, which would be authorized to clean its own ranks. As of today, the PGO has no legal basis to establish such an inspectorate," Lutsenko said, noting that the National Anti-Corruption Bureau was the only body with such functions for today.

Lutsenko said he planned to prepare a bill which would allow the PGO to legitimately purge its own ranks of corrupt officials, conduct a competition, and the results of this competition should be endorsed by a new prosecutor general supported by the society.

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