Zavorotnyi, suspected of arming "titushky" during Maidan protests, got out of custody

One of the key suspects in giving "titushky" weapons from the storages of the Interior Ministry during Maidan protests, Roman Zavorotnyi, was released from custody.

Censor.NET reports citing Hromadske.

He was released at midnight. Relatives and a car were waiting for him, as well as lawyers. They refused to comment the situation.

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Three months ago, the GPU sent an indictment about 'titusky' case to the Sviatoshynskyi district court of Kyiv. One of the suspects in the case of providing police officers and "titushky" with more than 408 AK74 rifles and nearly 90,000 cartridges for them was Roman Zavorotnyi.

As reported, the Kyiv Court of Appeals delayed the trial for about three months.

March 26 was the only day when the judge of Sviatoshynskyi district court Zhmut could try the case and extend the detention of Zavorotnyi.

But the judge refused to do it on Saturday, despite the fact that only one day of detention left was a direct reason for a rapid appointment of the court session.

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