Zavorotnyi, suspected of arming "titushky" during Maidan protests, can get out of custody


One of the key suspects in giving "titushky" weapons from the storages of the Interior Ministry during Maidan protests, Roman Zavorotnyi, might be released from custody.

This might be a result of a series of court decisions, Censor.NET reports citing the Legal Advisory Group.

On Jan. 21 2016, the special investigations administration of the main investigation department of the GPU sent an indictment to the Sviatoshynskyi district court of Kyiv in the criminal proceeding according to which the Ministry of Internal Affairs employees, pursuant to the illegal orders of the former Interior Minister of Ukraine Yurii Zakharchenko and others, illegally provided more than 1,500 AK74 rifles and nearly 800,000 cartridges for them to police officers and "titushky". One of the suspects in the case is a "titushka" Roman Zavorotnyi.

On Jan. 27, Judge Pochupailo sent the case to the Appeal Court of Kyiv for the determination of jurisdiction. The period of detention of Zavorotnyi was extended by two months - until 03.26.2016.

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Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n381155