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 "I was not offered to work in Hroisman's government," - Abromavicius

The minister does not plan to remain in politics after leaving the Cabinet.

Economy Minister Aivaras Abromavicius has not been offered to remain in the Cabinet under Volodymyr Hroisman as Prime Minister. Abromavicius said this to Segodnia newspaper, Censor.NET informs.

"No, I haven't received such offers. But as you can see, yesterday he (Hrosiman - ed.) said that three candidates he wanted to work with (in the new Cabinet - ed.) all are employees of our ministry. Ivan Mikloš has worked as my part-time adviser on economic policy for more than a year, and that of Natalie Jaresko on the tax reform. Another two candidates that were named are technocrat reformers from my ministry whom I hired and who had showed that they are result-oriented and have some good results," Abromavicius said.

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The minister said he was not going to remain in politics after resigning from the Cabinet.

"As of now, nothing indicates that I am going to be in politics. However, I think there is some demand for the right-center direction, reform-oriented one... I am close to business, I've been attracting large investments to the region, including Ukraine, for more than 20 years. I have managed large projects and that's what I like. If conditions in Ukraine continue to improve, if we have a reform-oriented, technocratic Cabinet that will continue doing the right things, I will attract investments to our country with great pleasure and success," Abromavicius said.

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