Killed lawyer Hraboskyi was afraid of assault: on Feb. 14 he informed his weapons and phone went missing, - reporter

Killed lawyer Yurii Hrabovskyi expected that he could be eliminated from the case by various means.

As reported by Censor.NET, this was announced by Hromadske Radio reporter Iryna Romaliiska on her Facebook page.

"Yurii Hrabovskyi was regularly saying he was afraid of something. He expected that he could be eliminated from the case by prosecutors by means of arrests and detentions. He once wrote that he was afraid of a physical assault. It was before one of the hearings. On Feb. 14 he told me his weapons and a phone he uses for 'unplanned foreign travels' went missing," Romaliiska wrote.

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The image above is a printscreen from messaging between the reporter and the killed lawyer. There he states that after his weapons, a phone and a sweater went missing from his apartment, he was expecting that 'a body with a gunshot wound from my gun and my business card and my sweater' would show up somewhere.

In her comment to Censor.NET, another GRU officer Yerofeyev's lawyer Oksana Sokolovska informed that the body was found buried near Zhashkiv, the Cherkasy region. Investigation is currently underway at the spot. Sokolovska also intended to visit the place where the body of Hrabovskyi was found.

"The corpse would be brought to Kyiv for an expertise, I suppose," Sokolovska added.
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