"Acting Prosecutor General Huzyr used obscene language to convey that Korniiets and Shapakin were ‘not to be touched’,"- prosecutor Opanasenko

Deputy Head of the Prosecutor General’s Office Department of Procedural Control over criminal proceedings against members of the prosecuting authorities Vitalii Opanasenko elaborated on pressure put on him by the PGO following the detention of "diamond prosecutors” Korniiets and Shapakin

He said on air of Shuster LIVE, Censor.NET reports.

According to Opanasenko, the team of prosecutors spent the whole night at work after filing charges against Korniiets and Shapakin. Opanasenko got home at 6 a.m. and received a call from then-Acting Prosecutor General Volodymyr Huzyr at 9 a.m., who demanded to show up immediately. Upon arrival, Vitalii Opanasenko encountered with all Prosecutor General's Deputies in his outer office. Opanasenko, accompanied by Vitalii Kasko, who was able to confirm his words, then realized that they had stuck their nose where it did not belong.

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"I was working at the Prosecutor General's Office for only two weeks at that time and did not have experience of communicating at such a high level. I was told in obscene language that I was doing wrong, that these people were not meant to be touched and raided. The obscene language was also used to demand to hand over the recordings that we had received as a result of the wiretapping, to hand over the criminal case, which we had hidden. Huzyr used explicit language when he was threatening to dismiss me within two hours. Another Deputy Prosecutor General said that he would do his best to make these raids illegal. It was Yurii Stoliarchuk, who is currently being hyped as the candidate for the post of Prosecutor General," Vitalii Opanasenko said.

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