Shokin dismisses supervisor of pre-trial proceedings Opanasenko, who initiated case against ‘diamond prosecutors,’ from PGO

Dismissal of the pre-trial proceedings supervisor during the trial against ‘diamond prosecutors’ is direct pressure upon the results of the legal proceedings.

Censor.NET Chief Editor Yurii Butusov wrote in his article (in Russian).

"Vitalii Opanasenko is the supervisor of pre-trial proceedings in the case of the 'diamond prosecutors.' He makes all of the procedural decisions on the case and he bears all the responsibility. Today, he was informed of being dismissed. He and all of his employees. Vitalii is 27. He used to work in a district prosecutor's office, but when the war started, he moved to the military prosecution and left for the anti-terrorist operation (ATO) area. He was in the group that had investigated the most high-profile cases.

"The most well-known case he investigated was the Ilovaisk tragedy, crash of the Il-76 in Luhansk airport, the "Tornado" investigation. The group announced suspicion to ATO Chief of Staff General Major Nazarov, who is now being tried. The same group prepared suspicion to Chief of General Staff Viktor Muzhenko for criminal omission, failure to fulfill his responsibilities, and absence from his command center on Aug. 24-25, 2014 during the offensive of the Russian army," the journalist wrote.

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According to Butusov, Opanasenko applied to the General Inspection of PGO for fighting corruption in summer 2015, and was accepted. Upon receiving documents that indicated possible involvement of deputy prosecutor of the Kyiv region Oleksandr Korniiets and deputy head of the Main Investigation Department of PGO Volodymyr Shapakin in corrupt activities, Opanasenko organized an operation to apprehend them. He was the one who also made the decision to search their homes and offices, the journalist noted.

"During investigation, it turned out that Shapakin and Korniiets were acting with impunity because of being friends and trustees of Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin. However, [deputy Prosecutor General - ed.] Sakvarelidze and Hrytsak received an approval for actions directly from President Petro Poroshenko," Butusov wrote.

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At the final stage of the investigation, when the trial against 'diamond prosecutors' started, head of the Main Directorate for Fighting Corruption Trepak was dismissed, Deputy Prosecutor General Kasko resigned, Sakvarelidze transferred to Odesa. The entire group that started the investigation is being dismissed from the PGO.

"Two cases for professional misconduct were opened against Opanasenko due to the 'diamond prosecutors' investigation. Shokin is demonstrating that anyone threatening his interests would be fired," Butusov stressed.

"Dismissal during the trial is direct pressure upon the result of the legal proceedings. … There could be no more cynicism and abuse of justice and PGO operations. I believe that Shokin has committed a corruptive crime by directly influencing the results of the trial," the journalist stated.

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