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 Krasnov and GRU officer Goloskokov planned attacks in Kyiv, - SBU Head Hrytsak

Suspected of high treason Azov activist Stanislav Krasnov together with Russian secret services were planning terrorist attacks in the capital of Ukraine, with the Parliament, the Cabinet, and the Presidential Administration buildings being key targets.

SBU chief Vasyl Hrytsak said today at a press conference, Censor.NET reports citing UNIAN.

Hrytsak reminded that Krasnov was staying in Belarus from Feb. 10 to 13, where he met with Russian citizen Goloskokov on Feb. 12.

"Krasnov, as an experienced GRU operative, recorded his conversation with Mr Goloskokov while in Belarus. We have decrypted this conversation which he recorded on his phone... I have a permission to announce that we have an examination, a decrypted voice of him speaking... They discuss the issue of terrorist attacks in Kyiv," Hrytsak said.

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According to the SBU chief, "after speaking about a planned attack at 33 Volodymyrska Street [the SBU HQ - ed.], they decided to blast the SBU regional office in Kyiv at 13 Askoldiv Lane, neglecting the fact the building is decently guarded."

"Krasnov personally conducted reconnaissance. He said how he strolled near our Kyiv office. He described the surroundings, where the detention center was, and even who stayed in the cells. He said it would be "super" to use a ton of explosives and "rip everything to splinters," Hrytsak said.

Referring to the recording, the SBU chief mentioned Krasnov saying: "It would be nice to blow up the Verkhovna Rada, the Cabinet of Ministers, and the Presidential Administration afterwards."
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