"I forbid you to file petition for pardon or admit guilt," - Savchenko wrote letters from remand prison. PHOTOS

Ukrainian servicewoman and MP Nadiia Savchenko, who was convicted in Russia on March 22 and sentenced to 22 years in prison, will not file a petition for pardon and forbids to do so on her behalf.

She wrote this in letters to her lawyers, Censor.NET correspondent informs from the Rostov region of Russia.

Mark Feygin visited Nadiia today. After coming out of the Novocherkassk remand prison, where the Ukrainian is kept, he showed journalists two letters - one for him, another for lawyer Nikolay Polozov. The same letter was addressed to third lawyer Ilya Novikov.

In her letters Savchenko wrote the following:

"I forbid you to file an appeal, petition for pardon, or admit guilt on your or my behalf, and conduct any activities without my approval. Should you violate my will, I will deem it as betrayal and automatically refuse from your legal services."


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Feygin reminded that there are two legal ways to return Nadiia to Ukraine - if she is sent to spend her term in Ukraine or pardoned.

Savchenko's decision to go on hunger strike remains in force, Feygin said. However, it is not clear when she will start it - it depends on when exactly the verdict comes into effect.

The lawyer also said that Savchenko feels well.

"She does not care much about the 22 years verdict from the court, for she clearly understands the verdict could not be different. She hopes to return home soon. She said to say thank you to the Ukrainian people, politicians, and public figures - all those who helped her to get through this trial," Mark Feygin announced.

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