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 "Situation can only be solved by technocratic government," - Jaresko declared her readiness to assume premiership

Minister of Finance of Ukraine Natalie Jaresko said she is ready to put together a team of professionals and form a technocratic cabinet.

Censor.NET reports referring to Jaresko's Facebook.

According to Jaresko, the Ukrainian government should focus on two key issues: restoring public confidence and boosting Ukrainian economy.

"In my opinion, only a technocratic government can cope with these challenges under the current political situation - a team of independent people without a political past, who are not subject to any of the oligarchs or "friends" of politicians and have no political ambitions for the future. I'm ready to assemble such a team able to work in the interest of the whole country and all its citizens and not some political or business groups.

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"In my understanding, a technocratic government is a government formed on the basis of five fundamental principles:

1. The members of the government must be devoted exclusively to serving the people of Ukraine... The main criterion for each member is impeccable reputation;

2. The members of the government should have a zero tolerance to corruption and a zero tolerance to political interference in the work of executive bodies;

3. The members of the government should not be concerned with either participation in the next elections or political career. Their sole purpose shall be the prosperity of Ukraine;

4. They must believe that Ukraine can be successful only through democratic and economic freedoms, in particular through the implementation of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement and the IMF program;

5. The members of the government must be experienced crisis managers and have an experience of successful institutional reforms and management.

"A difficult but effective path of reforming economies, which helped create a decent standard of living for the citizens, have already been walked by our Eastern and Central European counterparts. The same path must be finally walked by ourselves, instead of substituting genuine reforms with another fruitless debate," Jaresko wrote.
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