"LPR" terrorist Ilim confirmed Savchenko's innocence: When journalists came under fire, she was in Luhansk

An "LPR" terrorist (callsign "Ilim") claims that he personally captured Ukrainian soldier Nadiia Savchenko and brought her to Luhansk.

Censor.NET reports referring to terrorist's interview with Meduza.

"I myself captured her and brought her [to Luhansk - ed.]. I was in that battle, and I saw everything," he said.

The terrorist described the situation in the vicinity of Luhansk on June 17, 2014: "We noticed a light blue Ford Fiesta with a Kyiv license number approaching our positions. About a hundred meters short of us, the car stopped, and a camo-clad person jumped out towards the wood line. A group of our fighters approached the person, while we stopped the car with two men in their late twenties sitting inside. They told us: "Are you nuts, we are friends." We answered: "Well, get out... Friends." At that moment, the guys bring the person who turned out to be an unknown girl. Ilim asks her: "What is your name?" She keeps silent. Ilim hits her on the head with a butt, and she replies: "Nadia." Ilim asks her: "Your callsign?" She keeps silent again, Ilim delivers another hit, after which she replies: Pulia (Bullet).

"At that moment, Grach came ["LPR" military commandant Sergey Grachev who testified in court - ed.]. Ilim and Grach tie Savchenko's hands with tape, put a bag over the head, throw her in the boot, and leave for the headquarters in Luhansk," he said.

"Ilim and Grach take Nadiia (Pulia) to Zaria and hand her over to Igor Plotnitsky. Then, Lifenews journalists arrive and start to work her over," terrorist said.

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He also notes that the said events occurred before 12 p.m. [that is, before the attack which killed the Russian journalists - ed.]. "After 12 p.m., we already were at the base," Ilim said.

"At the moment of the impact, she had already arrived in Luhansk," he stressed. According to him, the artillery attack on the crossroads visited by the Russian journalists "occurred after Pulia was taken away. When Savchenko left, the journalists arrived at the Metalist commandant's office," militant stressed. According to him, it happened at around 12 p.m.

"I captured her, and I personally transferred her to Plotnitsky. At that moment, we already arrived at Zaria," Ilim said. As for the time of the shelling which killed the two Russian journalists, he said: "An hour after the capture."

"I do not know why I was not invited to attend the trial. No problem calling Plotnitsky for testimony as he personally received her. But what the hell all those Marines and other imps were doing there? What did they testify about?" Ilim noted.

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