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 Accelerating reform may strengthen Ukraine's position and stop Russia's aggression, - US Ambassador Pyatt

The reforms of defense institutions and structures will help Ukraine reinforce its defensive abilities.

U.S. Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt said, speaking Monday at the George C. Marshall Center Senior Leadership seminar "Defense and Security Reforms: Challenges and Opportunities," Censor.NET reports.

"I hear sometimes from people in Ukraine in the security sector that since you're fighting a war with Russia, it's too complicated to conduct reform at the same time," Pyatt said. - "I actually have the opposite view, and I know that the president and Dmytro [Shymkiv - ed.] and the work that the RAND Corporation has done support an opposite conclusion."

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"That is to say that it's exactly the reform of defense institutions, structures, and mechanisms that will help to reinforce your defensive abilities," U.S. ambassador addressed the audience in the Verkhovna Rada. - "That is to say that accelerating reform is a way to strengthen your position and ensure that the kind of territorial acquisition that Russia has engaged in over the past two years can be stopped."

Geoffrey Pyatt reiterated U.S. support for Ukraine in these endeavors.

"We seek to support the Ukrainian people," - he said. - "We seek to support the decisions that Ukraine's elected leaders have made to move towards Europe, European institutions, European standards. A critical component of that effort will be the effort to build a set of security institutions that meet those European standards.

"That is why we are supporting the Ministry of Interior to establish a National Guard that meets Western standards of professionalism and is able to respond to hybrid threats on the spectrum between law and order and conventional warfare. And of course, that is why we have made such a strong commitment to supporting the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense and Ukrainian Armed Forces through this very long confrontation with Russia," Pyatt said.

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According to the ambassador, he received clear signal by Congress and the Administration at the White House of continued commitment to standing with the people of Ukraine.

"But it was also very clear to me that the quality of our support and the sustainability of our support hinge on the continued perception of progress on reform," Pyatt summed up.
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