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 "Portrait of a soldier" exhibition of photos by Censor.NET's author Vika Yasynska opens in Kyiv's Officer's Club on Monday. PHOTOS+VIDEO

Censor.NET's author, photographer and journalist Vika Yasynska's photo exhibition "Portrait of a soldier" will open on March 21 at 6 p.m. in Kyiv's Officer's Club (Dim Ofitseriv) at 30/1 Hrushevskoho St., 2nd floor.

Censor.NET informs.

The exhibition "Portrait of a soldier" comprises photos of men who, either voluntarily or drafted, participated in combat activities in the east of Ukraine. Over the year, Yasynska has been writing down stories of the war from the words of its participants. The exhibition presents portraits of selected defenders of the country. "Portrait of a soldier" is an attempt to introduce people who cared about events in the east and risked their lives in accordance with their beliefs to the society.

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Many of the soldiers received bodily or emotional wounds. Each of them has seen deaths of his comrades and felt the war's destructive power. By exhibiting photos accompanied with quotations, the author intends showing not only appearance, but emotional portrait of people who are socially different but united in their desire to protect their land.

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Viktoriia Yasynska has been talking to soldiers and making their portraits since 2014.

"Portrait is face, eyes, and traits of character, while a person's soul is his or her activities. Our guys, defenders, are people who have opened their souls to others through their acts. I have only tried to capture these people for the history and to show the country the character of those men who call themselves and feel themselves Ukrainians. They are united by a single idea - to protect their homeland and revenge for their killed friends," Viktoriia says.

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The exhibition can be visited between March 22 and April 18 during Officer's Club operating hours.

After that, the exhibition will be presented in more than 15 cities and villages of Ukraine, from where the heroes of the exhibition are. In addition, the photos will be shown this spring in a joint project with the National military and historic museum of Ukraine in five Ukrainian cities. The tour will return to Kyiv, where the exhibition will be again shown to Kyivites and city guests.

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