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 "We might vote for new prime minister next week," - Poroshenko Bloc faction leader Lutsenko

Poroshenko Bloc faction leader Yurii Lutsenko said it is possible that an extraordinary session of the Verkhovna Rada is held next week, during which a candidate for the prime minister position is agreed.

He announced this on his Facebook page, Censor.NET informs.

"After the most recent consultations I shut out possibility that Yatseniuk might stay for his third year as prime minister. I believe that both him and the People's Front faction have realized that the government is almost dysfunctional," Lutsenko said.

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According to him, the most recent consultations only cover the format of the future government.

"The first option, supported by our faction, which is also supported by the society and our Western allies, is the format of technocratic government headed by Natalie Jaresko, who can form independent government able to make fast progress with the reforms, and first of all, with eliminating oligarchs and party businessmen from state monopolies," Lutsenko wrote.

However, he noted that this option is not supported by Samopomich faction, which refuses to join any coalition, including those of possible PMs Sadovyi or Jaresko.

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"People's Front is also against technocratic government and suggest forming a new party government made of ministers from the Verkhovna Rada factions. Of course, this does not guarantee quick reforms, but the replacement of the prime minister, replacement of the government is a minimum that we in PPB demand.

"Consultations on such government are being held 24/7. I hope that next week, possibly Thursday, we will be able to hold an extraordinary meeting and vote for the new prime minister, new government, new program of the government, and finally end this deep crisis, caused by inactivity of the current government in key sectors of its activities," Lutsenko noted.
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