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 "It's real war: locals beaten with batons and fired at with assault rifles," - Amber miners wreak havoc in village in Rivne region. VIDEO

Several people have fallen victims to amber-rush this week as it was gaining momentum.

The amber miners do not care a straw about nature. They destroy Ukrainian forests one by one, Censor.NET reports citing TSN.

"The disaster we are facing is looming larger and its name is "Amber People's Republics". The situation is completely out of control. The law enforcement officers' car was overturned a week ago. The diggers employed deadly force a few days later. At least three people have fallen victims to the armed assault in the village of Yelnia in the Rivne region. The conflict took place due to the fact that the out-of-town miners began panning out amber in the territory of the village. After that they started demanding a tribute from the locals in case they wanted to extract amber from their own land plots," the news outlet reports.

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