"No one was hurt, but we experienced reputation losses," - Lviv Mayor Sadovyi commented on attacks on LGBT community by right-wing groups

Both the representatives of the LGBT community, participants of the Equality Festival in Lviv, and the right-wing radicals who attacked the event contributed to the implementation of a planned provocation.

Mayor of Lviv city Andrii Sadovyi wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

"Yesterday's events in Lviv are a result of a carefully planned provocation. Participants from both sides were conscious or unconscious parts of the whole picture," he wrote.

"I condemn violence, but as a mayor I have limited impact on the security agencies and special bodies. Before the event, I warned the head of the regional state administration that a provocation is being prepared to discredit Ukraine internationally. I asked him to carry out all actions within his power to prevent this scenario. I know that he discussed the situation with the SBU. They know how to work in such cases. Hopefully, they did all they could," the official said.

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"The court's decision to ban mass events on both sides near the Opera House was the right decision. Hostilities and blood on the streets of Lviv are what our enemies want," he believes.

"Thank God, no one was hurt. But we experienced significant reputation losses," he said.

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