“Today is holiday, don’t spoil it for people if you don’t want problems”, - Bryansk resident ‘asked’ to remove Ukrainian flag from balcony by local police. DOCUMENT

Resident of the Russian town of Bryansk Andrey Mahanenkov asks General Prosecutor's Office and the ombudsman to clarify whether or not Ukrainian flag on a balcony violates the Russian laws.

Censor.NET reports citing Open Russia.

Andrey Mahanenkov sent a letter to Russian Prosecutor General's Office, the prosecutor of Bryansk and the ombudsman of the Russian Federation asking to clarify the following:

- Is it against the law to hang out a Ukrainian national flag, and / or a flag of any other country with which the Russian Federation has diplomatic relations, on the balcony of your own apartment? Is it an act of extremism? If so, which law forbids doing it?

- Is the police's request to remove Ukrainian national flag from the balcony of a private apartment legitimate?

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Mahanenkov told that on March 18, 2016 he hang out a Ukrainian flag - flag of the state with which the Russian Federation has diplomatic relations and long-standing cultural and historical links - on his own balcony. Two police officers visited Mahanenkov's apartment in a few hours. They demanded, or rather strongly recommended to remove the flag in order to avoid accusation of terrorism and extremism.

"Today is a holiday, don't spoil it for the people if you don't want problems," the policemen added. At the same time, Mahanenkov was not explained which law he has violated by hanging out a Ukrainian flag.

"As a law-abiding citizen, assuming that police recommendations are based on a law unknown to me and wishing not to cause problems to my family with the anti-terrorism and anti-extremism department, I removed the flag from my balcony until the ombudsman and the prosecutor General of the Russian Federation answer my request," he added.

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