“You can tell yourself a story that Crimea is yours but it will never be yours”, - Power

The United States, as well as the Organization of the United Nations, will never recognize the results of the staged "referendum" in the Crimea, which remains a part of Ukraine.

U.S. permanent representative to the UN Samantha Power declared in a video statement, Censor.NET reports.

"This week we are marking a terrible anniversary. We like to celebrate anniversaries. But this week we are marking two years since Russia presented to the people of the Crimea a phony choice - a referendum. A referendum, in which alleged choice was: what do you like to do? Leave Ukraine or join Russia? The fact that tens of thousands of Crimeans would prefer to stay exactly where they were, living their lives in dignity and security, was not taken into account," she said.

"Since that terrible referendum and Russian attempted annexation that followed, the people of the Crimea and people beyond the Crimea, in the rest of Ukraine, have been living daily the violation of this act of aggression by Russia. This is not a one-time violation. The violation has been lived by people who are afraid to offer criticism of the local authorities of the Crimea; by people who have seen their neighbors taken in the dead of night into minivans and never to be heard from again; by the Tatar people who don't feel comfortable living their culture, joining together and speaking up for their rights, many of whom have been displaced, the rest of whom are living in mortal fear. This violation goes on every day while Russia maintains its illegal occupation of the Crimea," Power added.

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"Two years ago we at the United Nations were able to mobilized a large coalition of a hundred countries that voted very clearly to say to Russia and to say to the world: this phony referendum, this attempted annexation will never be recognized by the UN," she stressed.

"It would be seen for what it is: a violation of international law, an affront to the UN charter, an abuse by a permanent member of the Security Council of the privilege that we have as permanent members, namely the veto. That's how it was seen, and the world came together and said: you will never change the maps. You can tell yourself a story that the Crimea is yours, but it will never be yours. And on behalf of the U.S. and president Obama on the two-year anniversary, I just want to assure the people of Ukraine that however difficult it seems right now, however much you want more than the maps, but the actual facts of life that you enjoyed before this phony referendum was staged and before Russian troops came into Ukraine... I'm here to say that the Crimea is a part of Ukraine. Ukraine is sovereign. Its territorial integrity is sacrosanct. We will never give up. It's not just the maps that will never change. Our commitment to the people of the Crimea will never change. Thank you," Power summed up.

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