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 Shevtsov had Russian passport and sought employment with occupation authorities of Crimea, - activist

Former Head of National Police in the Vinnytsia region Anton Shevtsov, detained under suspicion of high treason while trying to leave for Russia, had got Russian passport and sought employment with the Russian invaders in Crimea.

Censor.NET informs citing Automaidan-Vinnytsia NGO representative Taisa Haida.

She noted that the Russian passport was stolen from Shevtsov in Kyiv back in March 2015. He filed the corresponding statement to Holosiieve district police precinct in Kyiv.

The activist said that Shevtsov stroke her attention after he unreasonably refused the activists to approve documents for establishment of the NGO with the anti-terrorist operation (ATO) participants in its ranks: "He said that there would be no illegal formations in the territory of Vinnytsia."

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After that Haida accidentally found Shevtsov's account in a Russian social network, where he was subscribed to groups praising Putin. She also found pictures of his children in front of the Russian military equipment. The account of Shevtsov's wife was as explicitly pro-Russian, like his own. Haida immediately reported to the SBU.

The activist recalled that Shevtsov headed Police Directorate for Combating Organized Crime in Sevastopol until March 2014, "that is, he was the one who was meant to directly counter all sorts of separatists' formations like the 'local defense of Crimea'." She stressed that the photos were taken during the fake referendum held in occupied Crimea.

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"We have got information, which may be checked by the Security Service, that he was in occupied Crimea, that he was going to find a job (in a law enforcement agency - Ed.), but when he failed to do it, he came here. Then he resigned (from the post of Chernihiv region police head - Ed.) and returned there again... I mean, he has been traveling back and forth... You know, his family is still in occupied Crimea. What kind of security in the region one can speak about, when almost the entire person's family is held hostage... His attempt to flee proves that he has something to hide," Haida said.

After Haida had published all this information on Shevtsov, she started receiving more evidence on Shevtsov's pro-Russian sentiment from users. Later, she received an anonymous message via Telegram that Shevtsov was going to flee from Ukraine.

The activist also said that the SBU had received three reports regarding Shevtsov totally. The agency responded for the first two that there was no reason to bring charges while the third one forced the law enforcers to initiate criminal proceedings into high treason.

"Soldiers who saw him on the front line involved in activities that he was not meant to be engaged in are leaving military service shortly. He was allegedly in charge of raids... They will also be ready to give testimonies in a week or two," Haida said noting that the information was being checked.

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