Yanukovych was deported from Ukraine by Colonel Tomin, commander of Special Operation Forces of Russia, - Russian media

Commander of Special Operation Forces of the Russian Federation was personally involved in the operation of deporting former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych to Russia.

As informed by Censor.NET, this was reported by Komsomolska Pravda.

"Tomin (commander of Special Operation Forces of the RF - ed.) together with the 2nd platoon was saving Viktor Yanukovych at the Russian-Ukrainian border, where there was an ambush, where one of our (Russian - ed.) officers was wounded in the course of firing upon the commander's armored vehicle, with which he was covering the retreat of a car convoy carrying the Ukrainian president and his personal security.

"It was known that Tomin ordered the armored vehicle's driver hush with the wounded officer to a helicopter that was awaiting the commander's group near the border. He himself with several fighters remained at the road to cut off with fire those who were chasing Yanukovych," the article reads.

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