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 Petro Poroshenko Bloc advocates Yatseniuk's voluntary resignation, forming of new coalition, and electing new PM, - PPB MP Honcharenko

Petro Poroshenko Bloc (PPB) parliamentary faction advocates PM Yatseniuk's voluntary resignation, forming a new parliamentary coalition, and election of new government head.

This was announced by PPB MP, deputy head of the faction leader Oleksii Honcharenko to journalists on the sidelines of the parliament, Censor.NET informs citing the PPB press service.

"Today, we will not be considering the government resignation. Unfortunately, on Feb. 16 the Verkhovna Rada was not able to dismiss Arsenii Yatseniuk. Three fourths of our faction then voted in favor of the issue, but it didn't pass. With support of votes by the Opposition Bloc and other deputy groups, the government stayed," the MP noted.

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"As of today, the best way out of the situation is Yatseniuk's voluntary resignation. It would be the best and the most logical option, for the parliament said that the government operated insufficiently. As we can see, this has no effect on Yatseniuk, unfortunately," the MP said.

"There are several ways out of the situation. First, if the prime minister remains, we form a 'temporary,' 'working' coalition by the end of September. And we work. Second option is that Yatseniuk resigns by himself and we choose new prime minister. This is the best option, as of me. That could be a technocratic government led by Jaresko [finance minister - ed.] or a political government headed by some political candidate, like Sadovyi [Lviv mayor - ed.] or Hroisman [parliamentary speaker - ed.]. And the third option is to hold early election. As far as I am concerned, that's the worst scenario," Honcharenko stressed.

"Our faction advocated Yatseniuk's voluntary resignation, forming of a new coalition, and election of a new prime minister," the MP added.

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