"He was studying, passing tests and never visited Chechnya," - Ukrainian political prisoner Klykh’s mother. PHOTO

Ukrainian political prisoner Stanislav Klykh’s mother insists that her son has never been to Chechnya before his abduction by the Russian secret services, not to mention his participation in battles there. The woman is currently in Grozny (Chechen Republic), where the mock trial of Ukrainians Karpiuk and Klykh, who are held hostages by the Kremlin, should have been held today.

Journalist Iryna Romaliiska wrote in her blog on Censor.NET.

Mother of Ukrainian teacher of history Stanislav Klykh, resident of Kyiv Tamara has spent last of her savings to travel to Grozny. She was to testify as witness for the defense in the case of her son. According to Stanislav's mother, he was studying at the university in late 1994 and early 1995: "He was studying, passing tests (as evidenced by his test book, for example) and has never even been to Chechnya." According to the Russian prosecutor's office, he has not only visited the country, but also took part in combats together with current Prime Minister of Ukraine Arsenii Yatseniuk.

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мама клыха

"He asked to bring some sweets as he has been a sweet tooth," Klykh's mother said.

Her son was detained in Russia a year and a half ago. Now he is tried in Grozny. The man is accused of involvement in the murder of 30 Russian soldiers during the first Chechen war.

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Stanislav Klykh has a lawyer whose services must be paid for. The government of Ukraine covers half of the lawyer's fee. Stanislav's mother and human rights activists are constantly raising funds to pay the second half, but they are always short of money.

Today's hearing was adjourned indefinitely. The judge has suddenly fallen ill as Tamara was explained. The date of the next hearing is unknown. It is completely unclear what Klykh's mother should do next. No help is within 72-year-old Tamara's reach as her only son is in the Russian prison.

She needs money to pay the lawyer's fee, to help her son, to travel to Grozny.

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Brothers of Mykola Karpiuk - Anatolii and Valentyn - are also in a similar situation. The eldest brother had to take out a loan to come to Grozny. "We do not know how to ask for help," Anatolii Karpiuk says.

Bank details for those willing to help the families of Ukrainian political prisoners Stanislav Klykh and Mykola Karpiuk:

Tamara Klykh's card details: 5168757294964939, PrivatBank

Valentyn Karpiuk card details: 5167490034611021, Oshchadbank.

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