Three PM choices for Ukraine: Jaresko, Sadovyi, or candidates suggested by deputies, - president's press secretary Tseholko

Presidential Administration believes that either acting Finance Minister Natalie Jaresko or Lviv mayor Andrii Sadovyi can be appointed prime minister.

This was announced by president's press secretary Sviatoslav Tseholko on his Facebook page, Censor.NET informs.

"Today, the president is meeting leaders of factions. In particular, at this moment he is seeing Samopomich leader Andrii Sadovyi. The purpose of the president's meetings with political leaders is to speed up the end of the political crisis. Everyone realizes that a new coalition is needed to form the new government. Its main criteria should be maintaining the pro-European direction and faster reforms," Tseholko said.

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"There are three options:

"1. Technocratic government (headed by Natalie Jaresko). [This will happen] if all pro-European factions unite around a technocratic government.

"2. Political government (for instance, headed by Andrii Sadovyi). This government's goal would be the same as that of the previous one - speeding up reforms.

"3. If parliamentary forces have other candidates, they should suggest them and find 226 votes [of support - ed.] in the Verkhovna Rada.

"The president is willing to work with any candidate offered by the coalition," Tseholko added.

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