Ankara car bomb attack claims 37 lives. PHOTOS+VIDEO

A car exploded in Turkish capital on Sunday, killing 37, wounding 125 people.

Censor.NET informs citing The Guardian.

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At least 34 people (37 according to the latest Reuters update) have died after a car bomb exploded in the Turkish capital Ankara, less than a month after a suicide car bomber killed dozens of military personnel and civilians in the city.

Mehmet Muezzinoglu, the health minister, said 30 of those killed had died at the scene, while the four others died in hospital. At least one or two of the dead were attackers, he said. He added that at least 125 people were being treated in hospitals, with 19 in a serious condition. The Ankara governor's office also confirmed that the explosion was caused by a car bomb.

взрыв турция анкара

взрыв турция анкара

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взрыв турция анкара

взрыв турция анкара

Sunday's bombing was the second such attack in the administrative heart of the city in under a month and two senior security officials told Reuters initial findings suggested the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) militant group was responsible.

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