Ukrainian doctors could not see Nadiia Savchenko and returned to Kyiv, - Vira Savchenko


A group of Ukrainian doctors, which was formed by officials in Kyiv, was not allowed to examine the imprisoned Ukrainian pilot, MP Nadiia Savchenko in the 3rd Predetention Center in Novocherkassk (Rostov oblast of the Russian Federation).

Nadiia's sister Vira Savchenko told the correspondent of Censor.NET in the Rostov oblast.

According to her, the doctors have already returned to Ukraine. "Pamfilova (Commissioner for Human Rights in the Russian Federation Ella Pamfilova - ed.) will look into it on Monday," Savchenko's sister said.

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Earlier Nadiia Savchenko said that she will not allow Russian doctors examine her. Ukraine has formed a medical group and sent it to Rostov. However, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that the doctors will not be allowed into the detention center because of Nadiia's behavior in the court.

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