Kerry's and Biden's harsh statements on Savchenko's case are real breakthrough. Russia will not make a good deal, - lawyer Novikov

Nadiia Savchenko's lawyer Ilya Novikov told about the results of his talks with U,S. politicians and diplomats regarding the case of Ukrainian pilot illegally held in Russia saying that a real breakthrough happened this week.

This was announced by one of Savchenko's lawyers, Ilya Novikov, on his Facebook page, Censor.NET reports.

According to him, the main thing now is that Nadiia Savchenko started to drink water: "During the previous week, it was like a ticking timer at my ear all the time. It was difficult to live and work. Now we have at least another ten days - plenty of time to think of it. Now the focus has shifted to diplomacy."

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Novikov said that the breakthrough came earlier this week. Secretary of State Kerry and Vice President Biden both made quite harsh statements.

"The United States does not recognize Savchenko's trial an internal affair of Russia. They believe that after the 'LPR' militants captured her, she was taken to Russia by force, so they demand to release her immediately without any conditions. I asked the same question at every meeting for a week: "Did the administration really mean what Kerry said?" Today, I received an answer from the person who knows about the whole situation. "Yes, we really mean it," he wrote, adding that "there are people in the Congress who are much more aggressive. One of my buddies called Minister Lavrov a "cruel bastard, whose place is in the Magnitsky sanction act." But sanctions are managed by the State Department, not the Congress, although the support of the Congress may encourage the administration to act more resolutely."

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The main outcome as of today is that Russia's "No" in response to demands of the U.S. to release Nadiia Savchenko does not satisfy the U.S., and the conversation does not end. The U.S. does not recognize Savchenko's trial as an internal affair of the Russian Federation. In the remaining days before March 21, when the verdict will be announced, political wheels will continue to spin. However, nothing pleasant for the Russian leadership is going to pop up; Russia will not make a good deal," the lawyer summed up.

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