"They choked me, beat me in the groin and abdomen, hit me on the head with a bag of sand, imitating execution," - Ukrainian Yatsenko illegally held in Russia in 2014-2015 on FSB tortures

Student of the law faculty of the Lviv National University Yurii Yatsenko, who spent more than a year in Russian jails, told how the FSB tortured him and tried to enlist in the service.

He said this on air of Shuster LIVE, Censor.NET reports.

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"My story shows what is happening with Ukrainian political prisoners in Russian prison," he stressed.

According to Yatsenko, he went to Russia to buy some goods a year ago. He officially crossed the border and filled out the migration card. Then the officers of the Criminal Investigation Department came with an ID check to the hotel where he stayed with a friend. The Ukrainians were taken to the police department, but the police have not revealed any infringements on their part.

"Then an FSB officer came and started to threaten us offering cooperation. He wanted us to address the Russian media with defamatory statements against Ukraine. After we had refused, they started torturing us. I was beaten for hours; we were not allowed to eat or sleep; they threatened to make us injections with drugs," Yatsenko said.

They were tortured by the FSB counterintelligence, he stressed.

Having learned that Yurii came from Lviv, the Russian prosecutor called him a "cursed Bandera" and threatened that he would never be released from prison.

"After two weeks, the special forces of the FSB brought me to the FSB Department in the Kursk oblast with a bag on my head. On the way, they choked me, beat me in the groin and abdomen demanding to cooperate with them. When I refused, they took me to the forest. They hanged me on the handcuffs with my hands wide open, beat me in the abdomen and groin for a couple of hours, and hit on the head with a bag of sand. I would like to stress that they imitated execution," Yatsenko said.

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To avoid tortures, Yatsenko slashed his wrists, cut his stomach, and asked to call his relatives and a lawyer. "They went to my terms. After the scandal, the Consul General of Ukraine has arrived. The situation was under his control thanks to the public attention and the journalists," he said.

Then the student was transferred from one Russian jail to another for six months. According to Yatsenko, the employees of Kursk oblast jail set the prisoners up against him, calling him a dangerous saboteur and spy.

According to him, other Ukrainian political prisoners are kept in Russia under similar conditions.

Earlier it was reported that student Yurii Yatsenko, a Maidan activist arrested a year ago in Lviv, was released in Russia and arrived in Ukraine on May 7.

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