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 Police ban even one-man protests outside prison, Vira Savchenko says. PHOTOS

Relatives and activists are again trying to hold a rally in support of Nadiia Savchenko outside the remand prison in Novocherkassk, Rostov region of the Russian Federation, where the Ukrainian servicewoman is held. Police officers prohibit doing it.

Nadiia Savchenko's sister Vira told Censor.NET correspondent.

"There are six of us here. We are outnumbered by the police with dogs. A police van is also standing nearby. We were not even allowed to deploy a placard. I said that I was going to hold a one-man protest (such protest does not require approval of the authorities according to the Russian law - Ed.), but they replied that only Russian citizens were allowed to hold one-man protests," Vira Savchenko said.

The activists' main demand is that Nadiia Savchenko to be visited and examined by the team of Ukrainian doctors, who are still waiting for visit permit in Rostov.

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Vira Savchenko also said that member of the Public Monitoring Commission in the Rostov region Valentina Cherevatenko visited Nadiia March 10 in the evening. According to Vira, it was she who said that Nadiia was feeling bad, drank two liters of water and harfed it. Vira Savchenko said that Cherevatenko will also try to visit Nadia in jail today.

"Certainly, Nadiia makes attempts to sip water. We want to send her drugs and baby food," Vira Savchenko added.

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Pictures from Vira Savchenko's Facebook account.

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