"We must sound alarm as Savchenko’s life and health melting away," - lawyer Polozov

Termination of the dry hunger strike by the Ukrainian pilot Nadiia Savchenko has led to severe complications to her health.

Lawyer of Nadiia Savchenko Nikolay Polozov wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

"The previous day was full of emotion. There was excitement caused by Nadiia's decision to stop the dry hunger strike, a groundswell of emotion raised by the attack of the Kremlin prankers, confusion about the reaction of some officials and other individuals. However, we are going to face new challenges today.

"Nadiia stopped the dry hunger strike, but it caused severe complications.

"She harfed with water she tried to drink yesterday. In addition, her already failing health is breaking fast. The old problem with kidney stones has an impact. A several-day fever heat evidences a serious inflammation of innards at the very least.... The medical examination is the least that Nadiia Savchenko must urgently undergo," he wrote.

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Polozov also noted that Savchenko did not let Russian doctors to examine her.

However, he said that the Ukrainian doctors were still in Rostov-on-Don as they haven't been granted permission from the Russian authorities to visit and examine Nadiia.

In addition, according to Polozov, Ukrainian authorities had asked Germany to send doctors to Nadiia.

"Russia has closed all its doors for Nadiia while Ukraine is objectively unable to provide urgent assistance to the hostage.... The situation is critical on my subjective point of view.... Nadiia's life and health are melting away. We are running out of time. And we will never forgive ourselves if she..." Polozov summed up.

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