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 Savchenko ends dry hunger strike following requests of her supporters and Ukrainian president, - lawyers

Ukrainian pilot Nadiia Savchenko has decided to stop dry hunger strike by starting to drink liquid.

Savchenko's lawyer Mark Feigin said to activists who have gathered outside the Novocherkassk prison, where the Ukrainian is held, Censor.NET correspondent informs.

"Nadiia is ending her dry hunger strike and starts drinking water!" Feygin said.

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"She has really stopped dry hunger strike after President Poroshenko wrote her a letter asking to stop dry hunger strike. She accepted the request." Feygin added.

This information was also confirmed by another lawyer of Savchenko Nikolai Polozov.

"Thank God, Nadiia Savchenko stopped dry hunger strike. The request of Petro Poroshenko and all those who supported her has influenced her decision!" Polozov wrote on Twitter.

Later, Feygin told reporters that Savchenko wrote a return letter, in which she appeals to all Ukrainians. According to Feygin, Savchenko does not consider her action a concession, but rather her victory, and very much expects that her fate will eventually be determined in a manner making successful the efforts taken by the Ukrainian authorities for her release.

Mark Feygin noted that yesterday's appeal of Petro Poroshenko to the Kremlin on the exchange of Nadiia Savchenko should get an answer no matter what procedural form it would have. He added that Nadiia was very much counting on it.

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"It is senseless to expect the acquittal, but the convention on extradition, which both Russia and Ukraine are signatory to, may be implemented in the case of Savchenko. In her letter Savchenko particularly thanks for the support provided to her and stops dry hunger strike. She believes that this appeal to her has been caused by a great concern about her health. She will continue fighting until the verdict, which is expected to be delivered on March 21-22. Prior to that, she will continue the hunger strike the same way as previously, taking only organic mixture, baby food. Nothing endangers her life anymore," the lawyer added.

Later Feigin posted Savchenko's response to a letter of Petro Poroshenko on Twitter.

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