“I will not live till verdict,” - Nadiia Savchenko

Maria Savchenko managed to talk to her daughter Nadiia in the courtroom for a few seconds.

It is reported by Censor.NET correspondent from Donetsk city court in the Rostov Region of the Russian Federation.

Maria Savchenko was able to approach Nadiia for a short while and take her hand. According to Maria Savchenko, her daughter's hand was very cold. Nadiia Savchenko managed to tell her mother that she would not live till the verdict.

After the judge announced that the sentence would be passed on March 21, Savchenko's mother and sister Vira waited in the hallway to see Nadiia once again. However, they were approached by guards in masks and were told to leave. The guards also said that they would not escort Nadiia from the courtroom as long as her mother and sister stayed in the hallway.

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"I wanted to tell the judges on behalf of myself and on behalf of the entire Ukrainian nation to deliver the message I have heard on Maidan Nezalezhnosti: they asked me to wish the children of everyone who tortures Nadiia to be tried and tortured the same way as Nadiia has been. Secondly, they said to wish the Lord made all who torture my child perish. I speak on behalf of the Ukrainian people," the pilots' mother said.

She also told about Nadiia's health.

"I approached her today, took her hands. They were so pale and cold. There was no blood left in them. Her feet swelled up. This means that her heart and kidneys are failing. I tried to dissuade her from a hunger strike. The verdict will be delivered March 21-22. She said she would not live till the verdict, she would not live till March 22," Maria Savchenko said.

"What kind of executioner one should be to do this! He is a headsman to the highest degree if he takes a girl and tortures her like this. This means that Putin's global stage reputation has been irreversibly destroyed. If it was a man he was fighting against, it would be a different story, but fighting against a girl is shame," she added.
Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n378126