"You play games with my life on the line. Stakes are high," - court to convict Savchenko March 21-22. VIDEO

Donetsk city court in the Rostov Region of the Russian Federation has determined that it will pass a sentence upon Nadiia Savchenko on March 21-22.

Judge Stepanenko said after her last plea was delivered, Censor.NET correspondent informs.


When the interpreter has read out the pre-imposition statement written by Savchenko earlier, she said: "The court has stolen another week of my life. You have only one week, and there is possibility that I survive. You may pass a sentence today, or tomorrow, or in a week at most."

She demanded that the judgment must be delivered not later than in two weeks.

"Do you want to show your strength? You certainly will! Just remember that you play games with my life on the line. The stakes are high but I have nothing to lose in this case. I will continue a dry hunger strike if the sentence will be sustained later than next week. I have nothing to add. I will not be waiting for the sentence too long. Thank you. Thanks to all of you for the support," Savchenko said.

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After that judge Stepanenko announced that the verdict will be delivered March 21-22. Nadiia Savchenko started singing the national anthem.

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