"If you want to show how Russian fascists kill people, you're succeeding," - Savchenko shows her middle finger to court

Before allowing an interpreter read her final plea in the Russian court, Nadiia Savchenko stepped on a bench in the bullpen and showed her middle finger.

Censor.NET correspondent, who is present in the courtroom, reports.

"Here is my final statement!" Nadiia shouted.

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"If you want to show how Russian fascists are killing people, you are succeeding," Savchenko addressed the judges. "The court decided to show it has power over people. They left for the weekend to celebrate, drink and not give a shit," Savchenko said.

She also added there would be Maidan [people's gathering against ruling authorities - ed.] in Russia.

The interpreter then read out loud Nadiia's final plea in Russian, which had been published earlier.

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