Consul General Moskalenko on Savchenko's health: Morale is high, physique could be better

Ukrainian consuls, who visited Nadiia Savchenko in the 3rd remand prison of Novocherkassk, the Rostov region of Russia, are concerned with her physical health.

Ukrainian Consul General in Rostov-on-Don Vitalii Moskalenko said to Censor.NET correspondent, who is currently in Novocherkassk.

"In what condition could a person on a dry hunger strike be. Of course, it's a heart hurry, dry skin, eyes glinting, legs swelling, blood pressure low - 100 by 60. She has all symptoms of dry hunger, and her condition is getting worse," he noted.

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"Her morale is, as always, high; I would like to note that all her mental reactions are completely adequate, she controls her thoughts and her deeds. But her physique is not the best,"Moskalenko said.

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