Lawyers assume Savchenko will be force-fed: They will hardly let her starve to death

The lawyers are trying to persuade Nadiia Savchenko to stop the "dry" hunger strike which she started yesterday.

"It is clear that they are unlikely to allow the situation where she could die. It means they will apply violence, coercive medical measures, they will use probes," Savchenko's lawyer Nikolai Polozov told journalists today, Censor.NET correspondent in Donetsk (the Rostov region) reports.

Lawyers Nikolai Polozov and Mark Feigin arrived at the detention center of Novocherkassk (the Rostov region), where Ukrainian pilot and people's deputy Nadiia Savchenko is detained. Polozov said they would try to persuade Savchenko to stop the "dry" hunger strike which she had started yesterday.

"But she is a hostage of her own word and unlikely to go back on it. There is a small chance to persuade her. If we fail, the consequences will be dire," Polozov added.

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The Russian Federation will have four days off, therefore, the lawyers say, no one will be able to learn about Nadiia's condition, nobody will be allowed to see her until March 9.

The lawyer spoke about the quality of medical service in the detention center. "Nadezhda says the blood is taken by a woman wearing household gloves which are already sprinkled with the blood of other prisoners - she simply wipes them with alcohol. They use disposable syringes. The quality of medicine stuck somewhere in the 18th century. Only imagine, they start some manipulations with probes, inject her with waterr, and so on, they will tie her down," Polozov said.

As also reported, Savchenko's sister Vera and Ukrainian consuls will visit Nadiia today.
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