Prosecution ignores Anti-Corruption Bureau, - Head Sytnyk

The Prosecutor General's Office is delaying its reports on a number of cases to the National Anti-Corruption Bureau.

As reported by Censor.NET, this was announced by the NABU Head Artem Sytnyk in an interview to zn.ua.

"We have requested about 10 cases from the Prosecutor General's Office, including the one concerning the head of the Rivne region Security Service, who had been apprehended upon a bribe related to illegal amber extraction," Sytnyk said.

"I have made relevant decision, coordinated it with the anti-corruption prosecutor as prescribed, but it is not being fulfilled. This includes the case of Martynenko [corruption-related - ed.], which is also being dealt by the PGO, which has unfiled a lot of missing information. We would like to receive all these data and conduct the investigation here at NABU," Sytnyk said.

The head of NABU noted that the authority had no similar issues with other agencies.

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"Unfortunately, PGO continues ignoring us," he said.

Sytnyk stated that if they do not receive a response any time soon, they will ask the parliament for help.
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