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 Grad missile strike committed from residential neighborhood of Donetsk, - journalist Tsaplienko on night shelling. PHOTO

Journalist Andrii Tsaplienko was at the forefront when missiles were launched against the Ukrainian troops’ position.

He wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

Tsaplienko noted: "We were spending the night at the front. The distinctive sound - the infernal whistle that won't be mixed up with anything else - jolted us awake. The missiles launched from Grad were flying toward villages in the territory controlled by Ukraine. After a few long seconds we heard explosions. There was a whole series of them - more than a dozen.

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"The Grads have almost been forgotten here since the beginning of the year. Except for the single shots made from the so-called "Grad-P" - either a guerrilla weapon or the terrorists' one. But the salvos launched with BM-21 (Grad multiple launch rocket system - Ed.) have not been heard here for a long time. And here we go again. Two dozen rockets exploded between Marinka and Krasnohorivka villages.

"The Lieutenant with the call sign "Khorunzhyi" brought us to the location where the rockets fell and demonstrated that the remains of the missiles and the forms of the craters clearly indicated that the Grads were employed from neighborhoods of Donetsk located at a distance of about six kilometers from the nearest houses of Krasnohorivka.

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"'And it's only the first day of the meeting of the ministers of the Normandy Four (Germany, France, Ukraine, and Russia - Ed.),' our politically literate guide is joking,' Tsaplienko wrote.

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