Vira Savchenko: Russia bargains not with Ukraine, but with world for sanctions

Nadiia Savchenko’s sister Vira has got Nadiia’s written last plea, which she intends to publish this evening.

From Vira's perspecive, Russia is bargaining for the lifting of sanctions, the sister of the Ukrainian pilot told Censor.NET reporter.

Vira says that she is currently concerned most about Nadiia's health and her intention to go on a dry hunger strike. "I'm against it, it scares me. I will visit her tomorrow - I have got the permission - and ask how I should proceed, for asking her not to do it is senseless," Vira Savchenko said.

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According to Vira Savchenko, Nadiia is emaciated. She went on a hunger strike on Dec. 17. Savchenko does not eat food, but is injected a solution of nutrients and vitamins. "A healthy person can survive 10 days of dry hunger strike, but I do not know how long Nadiia will," Vira Savchenko said.

According to her, the judges did not permit Nadiia to deliver her last plea today and postponed the hearing for March 9 to have an opportunity to bargain.

"The judges obviously knew about March 9. Their speech on postponement sounded as prepared beforehand. And then they may also postpone the verdict announcement. They are buying time as they have not received an order from Moscow to dismiss the case. The bargaining is underway. Russia is just an ordinary profiteer. They are now bargaining for sanctions. They are bargaining not with Ukraine, but with the world for sanctions," Vira Savchenko said.Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n377479